Balancing your responsibility to the environment in a compliant and cost-effective manner, together with the successful outcome of your development, is top priority. By working with A & J Waste Services from the outset you’ll have all the help you need ­to achieve this.

We offer advice on all construction, commercial and industrial-related development and waste streams, providing a range of services across the project lifecycle; from site selection and appraisal of design options through to environmental consultancy and waste management during the construction stage, then post-consent monitoring. With a firm focus on environmental legislation and client budget, we create competitive cost-effective solutions that will help keep your project running compliantly and to schedule.

By seeking our expert advice at an early stage, we can help identify the best Materials Management solution for your site, often minimising the volume of waste requiring disposal. We can assess your intended development to determine if the CL:AIRE (DoWCoP) can be applied which can help to achieve cost savings and minimise your waste disposal and haulage requirements by enabling the compliant reuse of excavated material. Our experienced team are qualified to manage all CL:AIRE applications on your behalf, and also any associated planning permissions, Waste Recovery Plans, EA Permit and Waste Exemption applications..

We can provide detailed Waste Classification including a full breakdown of waste types, making it easier for you to pinpoint any areas of concern. We offer comprehensive Site Waste Management services with access to a full range of permitted disposal and recovery sites for every waste type, alongside leading treatment technology to ensure disposal or recycling is executed in line with latest guidance and best practice.

A & J Waste Services Ltd are proud to be a Principal Member of CL:AIRE and we share in their commitment to sustainable land reuse and development.

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