You may remember a recent post about how we constructed an earth-lined slurry lagoon for an Oxfordshire farmer? Now a few months on, and we are all delighted with the results. The lagoon is doing an excellent job in cost-effectively increasing the farm’s slurry storage capacity; maximising the use of organic nutrients and reducing the outsourcing of expensive fertilisers. It’s really been a win-win for everyone involved.

On a recent visit we were staggered to see how beautiful it’s looking too. We never would have used ‘pretty’ and ‘slurry’ in the same sentence, but look at these Wildflower embankments taking form.

There are so many benefits to adding wildflowers to an environment, further to increasing its visual appeal. Wildflowers provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. During the winter, when food becomes scarce in the countryside, wildflower seeds become an important food source for birds and small mammals.

Pollinators also help fight against crop pests. Without pollinators carrying out those battles, farmers would have to rely on pesticides even more, which would yield negative consequences for everyone. Additionally, established wildflower meadows have very stable soil due to the complex root systems formed by the flowers themselves, which will only work to enhance the lagoon environment.

If you are interested in adopting a similar scheme, we would be delighted to help. By working with A & J from the outset you benefit from a professional end-to-end service; from planning permissions and associated regulations set by the Environment Agency and CL:AIRE’s Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP), through to design of the proposed slurry store and its construction in line with the requirements of SSAFO and other relevant standards. We will provide you with a Technically Competent Manager (TCM) to help ensure the site operates efficiently, that only authorised materials are imported and that all processes and H&S requirements are being followed.

Your scheme may qualify for a Slurry Infrastructure Grant if it meets certain criteria. Please get in touch to chat it all through. Contact us on 01749 880051 or email