As providers of Materials Management services, we often use a drone on site, before and during, many of our Soil Waste Management, Earthworks and Remediation operations. This comes with a host of benefits for our business and our clients too.

Using a drone helps us to cover large areas quickly and make faster, better-informed decisions with an instant aerial view. This can prove invaluable at the initial site assessment stage, even before any GPS surveys.

We then use drone surveys to quantify stockpile amounts before the project starts. Throughout the operation we’ll regularly deploy the drone to help us keep abreast of our progress and ensure deadlines are met comfortably; capturing high-resolution images and videos to verify the quantities removed.

Working this way also enhances Health & Safety on site further, meaning we can access hard-to-reach, or potentially hazardous areas, with relative ease.

We work all over the South and South West of the UK, with clients in the Construction, Development and Utilities sectors. Professional services we provide include:

  • Soil Waste Management
  • Aggregates & Soils
  • CL:AIRE Applications & Project Management
  • Site Investigation, Soil Testing & Analysis
  • Waste Classification
  • Earthworks Projects
  • Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation
  • Environmental Consultancy & Planning
  • Waste Disposal, Recovery & Recycling

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