A & J Waste Services Ltd are proud to be a Principal Member of CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments) and we share in their commitment to sustainable land reuse and development. As part of its work, CL:AIRE has developed a Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP) to provide a clear, consistent and efficient process to enable the reuse of excavated material without it being classified as a waste.

If the reuse and disposal of excavated materials is carefully planned and managed using the DoWCoP process, there is the opportunity to maximise materials reuse without potential serious liabilities. To comply, works must be carried out under an approved Materials Management Plan (MMP). This demonstrates that the necessary treatment and testing procedures are in place to enable the soils to be re-used under the CL:AIRE DoWCoP scheme.

A & J Waste Services have an experienced team who are qualified to implement the CL:AIRE DoWCoP and produce Materials Management Plans for your developments. Every development site should use this process to enable the clear use of any site-won materials to show that developers and construction companies are not discarding or using material outside of waste legislation, supporting the sustainable and cost-effective development of land.

Whatever the size or nature of your project our team can help you identify the best Materials Management solution for your sites. By implementing the CL:AIRE (DoWCoP) across your developments this will help to achieve cost savings, minimising your waste disposal and haulage requirements.

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