A & J Waste Services are working with large landfill operators in providing suitable soils for their capping and restoration requirements.

Modern landfills are highly engineered facilities designed to ensure all waste, and any by-products from the degradation of the waste, are fully contained. Upon completion of a waste deposit, a high-quality engineered capping system is used to seal the surface of the landfill. This is followed by soil placement and planting of grassland, trees and shrubs to restore the landfill site to a natural state.

We are currently providing suitable clay for engineered capping requirements, along with the placement of soils to enable the approved restoration scheme planting to take place on a number of landfills. 

Our professional team includes experienced landfill operators with COTC Level 4 qualifications who understand the full requirements of a restoration scheme and the importance of protecting existing gas and leachate infrastructure during the placement of capping and restoration materials.

A & J Waste Services are experts in the sourcing and placement of suitable soils across the South of England. For more information please get in touch today on 01749 880051 or email soils@ajws.co.uk. You can also complete the contact form on our website at https://aandjwasteservices.co.uk/contact-us/